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A Desperate Father, a Desperate Woman, and Faith in Jesus

Scripture Reference: Mark 5:21-43

Sermon in a Sentence

 Because sin leaves us spiritually unclean and hopelessly desperate, we must exercise faith in Jesus who promises to pour out His mercy and grace, remove our uncleanness, and give us new life.

Sermon Outline

  1. Just as Jairus and the woman exercised faith by reaching out to Jesus amid their hopeless desperation, so must we recognize our own spiritual hopelessness, and exercise faith in Jesus.
  2. Just as Jesus identified with the ceremonial uncleanness of both the woman and Jairus’s dead daughter through His touch, He has identified with the spiritual uncleanness of our sin through His incarnation.
  3. Just as Jesus removed the uncleanness from the woman and from Jairus’s daughter, He removes the guilt of sin from us through His death on the cross.
  4. Just as Jesus gave new life to the woman and to Jairus’s daughter, He gives spiritual life to all who will place their faith in Him.