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Faith, Prayer, and Forgiveness

Scripture Reference: Mark 11:22-26

Sermon in a Sentence

Christ calls us to have a faith in God that results in a committed relationship with Him, is characterized by unwavering and confidant prayer, and is validated by a willingness to forgive, just as we have been forgiven.

Sermon Outline

  1. A lesson on faith: To have faith in God means that…
    1. God must be the object of our faith.
    2. Our lives must be totally committed to God.
  2. A lesson on prayer: To pray in faith means that…
    1. We have confidence that with God, the impossible is made possible.
    2. Our attitude toward God must be unwavering.
  3. A lesson on forgiveness: Forgiveness is necessary because…
    1. God forgives us.
    2. Receiving God’s forgiveness obligates us to practice forgiveness.