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False Accusations, Faulty Arguments, and Failed Attempts at Intervention

Scripture Reference: Mark 3:19b-35

Sermon in a Sentence

By embracing Jesus as God’s Son, anointed by God’s Spirit, and by trusting Him as Savior and Lord, we receive forgiveness of our sins, and become members of His true family.

Sermon Outline

  1. Two groups who should have been on the inside supporting Jesus were instead on the outside opposing Him and attempting to intervene in His ministry.
    1. Jesus’ family intervenes because they think He is deranged.
    2. The scribes intervene because they think He is demon possessed.
  2. Jesus responded to the attempts at intervention with an argument from logic, a stern warning, and a redefinition of family.
    1. The fallacy of the scribes’ claim that Jesus was demon possessed lies in the fact that Satan cannot cast himself out.  However, Jesus who is stronger, can and will defeat Satan.
    2. While forgiveness of sin is offered, the conscious, willful, rebellious rejection of the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ ultimately leads to the impossibility of forgiveness.
    3. Doing the will of God does not constitute derangement or instability, but rather, it defines who make up His true family.