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God’s Three Witnesses Concerning Jesus

Scripture Reference: 1 John 5:6-13

Sermon in a Sentence

Our only hope for the eternal life God offers is a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, whose baptism and atoning sacrifice, along with the witness of the Holy Spirit, testify that He is the Son of God.

Sermon Outline

The tests of love, obedience and faith that give evidence of the new birth are not isolated from each other.

  1. There are three testimonies, provided by God, that agree that Jesus Christ is God’s Son:
    1. The water, which represents Christ’s baptism
    2. The blood, which represents Christ’s crucifixion
    3. The Holy Spirit, who continues to testify to our hearts the truthfulness of the Scriptures.
  1. The testimony that God has provided allows for only one of two decisions:
    1. Belief in Jesus Christ as God’s Son, resulting in eternal life
    2. Blasphemy of God by refusing to believe in Jesus Christ, resulting in eternal death