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Jesus Calms the Chaotic Life of a Demoniac

Scripture Reference: Mark 5:1-20

Sermon in a Sentence

Jesus can take a life that is broken and make it whole again, giving it new purpose and meaning.

Sermon Outline

  1. The Problem: The lonely, violent, tormented, and self-destructive life of the man oppressed and dominated by demons is an extreme, yet accurate, picture of the wretched condition we all share apart from Christ.
  2. The Solution: The authority of Jesus to cast out the demons, coupled with His display of grace and mercy toward this man, points to His ultimate demonstration of power, love, and compassion through His sacrifice on the cross.
  3. Two Responses:
    1. The misplaced priorities and fear of the townspeople lead them to turn Jesus away, mirroring the same irrational and tragic mistake others make when confronted with their need of a Savior.
    2. The man whose life was transformed by Jesus became a powerful witness for Jesus, serving as an example for believers today.