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Journeying with Help from Above, and in Community Below

Scripture Reference: Psalm 121-122

Sermon in a Sentence

As disciples journeying toward the heart of God, the assurance of God’s constant and everlasting protection, coupled with the blessing and joy of worshiping Him alongside other believers, will keep us from worry and fear and unite us in peace and love.

Sermon Outline

  1. As journeying pilgrims, we must keep our eyes on the One who keeps us.
    1. God, who created everything, is our personal helper.
    2. God, who is always alert, protects and defends us.
    3. God, whose power is limitless, preserves us both now and forever.
  2. As journeying pilgrims, we must keep ourselves connected to the community of believers.
    1. A love for God should translate into a love for His church.
    2. Corporate praise and worship of God unites individuals who share a love for God’s Word and His glory.
    3. We must pray for and seek the peace, prosperity, and good of the church.