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“Judge Not!”

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 7:1-6

Sermon in a Sentence

Christians are not called to suspend all critical thinking or the practice of discernment, but we are prohibited from having a self-righteous, hypercritical spirit that presumes to sit in judgment over others.

Sermon Outline

  1. The Command:   “Judge not!” does not mean to never exercise judgment, but rather to not be judgmental.
  2. The Warning:   A judgmental, hypercritical person will receive from God what he or she dishes out to others.
  3. The Sin behind the Warning:   Hypercritical people are hypocritical people because they ignore their own faults while presuming to expose and correct the faults of others.
  4. The Proper Approach:   We must remove the judgmental attitude from our lives and then seek to rescue and restore others as God directs us with hearts filled with humility and compassion.