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Mighty Man of Valor

Scripture Reference: Hebrews 11:32-35 & Judges 6-8

Sermon in a Sentence

There is only one mighty man of valor and he is Jesus Christ, who came to save you and me from our enemies.

Sermon Outline

Israel was a Rebellious Nation.
God uses tough times to get our attention!

Gideon was a flawed and weak leader.
But God sees so much more than we do!

Gideon goes from a coward to a conqueror.
God moves Gideon from a hiding farmer to a triumphant warrior.

Gideon’s victory belonged to the Lord.
The story of Gideon is ultimately not about Gideon. It is about God and how he relates and operates in the lives of his children.

Gideon does not finish well.
It is tough to end well!