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Robbery, Anger, Murder & Lying – Yet God is Faithful

Scripture Reference: Genesis 4:1-26

Sermon in a Sentence

Dominant Theme: Withholding from God that which He is due robs God and devastates the individual
Overarching Theme: God is faithful in continuing the line of the seed of the woman until Christ gains the final victory.

Sermon Outline

  1. The First __________________ (vv.1-2)
  2. The First __________________ (vv.3-5a)
  3. The First Display of __________________ (vv.5b-7)
  4. The First _________________ (v.8)
  5. The Second _______________________________ (v.9a)
  6. The Second ___________ (v.9b)
  7. The Third _______________ (vv.10-16)
  8. The New _________________ (vv.25-26)


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