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The Battle is the Lord’s

Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 17

Sermon in a Sentence

The message of the gospel is that we do not need to live in fear and defeat because Jesus Christ has won the battle we could not win for ourselves, and He offers victory to all who will stop trusting in their own abilities and place their trust in Him.

Sermon Outline

  1. Without a proper worldview that recognizes God as the sovereign, living Ruler over all creation, we will live our lives in fear and defeat.
  2. Without a proper faith that relies on the deliverance of the sovereign, living God who has proven Himself in the past, we will try to deliver ourselves, and we will fail.
  3. A proper understanding of this text will not focus our attention on how we can defeat our own personal “Goliaths,” but on the glory of God’s salvation offered to us through Jesus Christ.