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The Portrait of a Christ-Follower (Part 2)

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 5:6

Sermon in a Sentence

What a truly happy believer absolutely cannot live without and craves above everything else is to be free from sin and its pollution, and to live a holy life in fellowship with God, completely satisfied in Him.

Sermon Outline

  1. Blessedness and happiness are not the chief goals to be sought by the Christ-follower, but rather, righteousness must be the priority.
  2. The righteousness a Christ-follower pursues is a desire to be made right with God followed by a desire to live a holy life free from the power of sin.
  3. The pursuit of righteousness by the Christ-follower is not a passing desire, but an overwhelming desperation brought about by the consciousness of his or her great need.
  4. God’s promise to the Christ-follower who desires righteousness above all else is that he or she will be filled and satisfied with something so glorious and wonderful that they will continue to desire it even more.