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What Is Your Treasure (And Where Are You Storing It)?

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 6:19-21

Sermon in a Sentence

Our hearts are naturally drawn toward the place where our treasure is kept, so we must cultivate a heaven-focused heart by keeping an eternal perspective toward our temporary wealth.

Sermon Outline

  1. Don’t waste your short but valuable life chasing material possessions because sooner or later they will leave you or you will leave them.
  2. Use your material possessions and earthly wealth now as a means of making wise eternal investments that will never deteriorate or depreciate.
  3. Foundational Principle: The compass-needle of your heart will always point to the place where your treasure is held.

Application #1: What we do with our possessions is a sure indicator of what is in our hearts and what we truly value.

Application #2: We should be motivated to invest our wealth properly, because what we do with our possessions determines where our heart goes.


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