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Whom Will You Serve, God or Mammon?

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 6:22-24

Sermon in a Sentence

The life of a true Christian is characterized by a clear-eyed, single-minded devotion to Christ that refuses to be ruled by money and possessions, but instead treasures, worships and serves the Lord whole-heartedly.

Sermon Outline

  1. What the eyes of your heart focus on will shape the way you view the world and how you live in it.
    a.  If the eyes of your heart are heaven-focused and good (clear, healthy, single-minded, generous), then your life will be filled with light and consumed by a proper purpose and drive.b.  If the eyes of your heart are materially-focused and bad (evil, unhealthy, corrupt, worthless), then your life will be so utterly consumed by darkness that you will lose your proper sense of values.
  2. You cannot be singularly-devoted to the King of kings and Lord of lords while simultaneously pursuing money and the acquisition of wealth as the organizing principle of your life.