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Worry Is Incompatible with the Christian Life

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 6:25-34

Sermon in a Sentence

Because worry is a sin that demonstrates a lack of faith and trust in God, it is therefore incompatible with the Christian life that seeks to put God first.

Sermon Outline

  1. Worry is the natural result of having your treasure in the wrong place and serving anything or anyone other than God.
  2. Believers are not to worry. Why?
    a.  Worrying fails to recognize the great value we have as children of our heavenly Father who not only created us, but also sustains us.b.   Worrying fails to remember that as citizens of our Father’s kingdom, we have confidence that He knows exactly what we need.c.   Worrying is a useless exercise in futility that fails to take life one day at a time as our Father intended for us to live.
  3. The way to combat sinful worry is to make it your highest concern to put God, His glory, His kingdom, and your relationship to Him as the governing priority of your life.