Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

In light of the circumstances regarding Covid – 19 we will not be able to begin our Women’s Ministry calendar year as planned.

Until further notice we will not be having any events, either at the church or off-site.

We will keep you informed as to when Women’s Ministry events will resume.

God bless and take care.
Becky Bowie and Lori Knuteson

Our purpose is to support women in their relationship with God through spiritual friendship, mentoring, teaching one another and Church/community outreach.

Leadership Team

ICBC has an active and engaging women’s ministry!  You are invited to come alongside and engage your gifts and skills! Please feel free to contact any of the team at our Church Contact Form Co-Leaders Becky Bowie Lori Knuteson Co-Leaders Assistants Gwendy Stall Alicia Williams Secretary Donna Webb Treasurer Sandy Wertz Publicity All help as available Themes & Decorations Committee Peggy Norton Chris McKee Mary Provence Lisa Vieira Julie Lewis Lillian Todd (Sanctuary Decorating) Cathy Limmer (Assisting with Sanctuary Decorating)…

Ladies’ Bible Studies

Ladies’ Bible Studies Are you seeking more satisfaction in life?   Join us, as God’s Word helps us come alive, developing a deeper trust in Jesus’ Presence.