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Schools and Construction Monday in Guatemala

Monday 7-23-19

Day 3 in Guatemala City

Following a great day of worship and house visits yesterday (Sunday), our team split in to 2 groups today.
One group conducted 2 assembly sessions in a public school. In these sessions the danger of drugs and alcohol were addressed and our team’s younger members actually conducted an interview with Pastor Jamie (a former addict himself). The need for a Savior, the mercy, love and forgiveness, and free gift of eternal life was presented. Not only is this allowed here in Guatemala, it’s encouraged! Wow.
Pastor Jamie is doing an incredible work in the life of these school kids in helping them escape the sinful culture that is so prevalent in Zone 21 in Guatemala City. Our team’s thankful to have been able to join Pastor Jamie in planting seeds and impacting lives for all eternity.
Our other group had the privilege of being part of a construction project back a Pastor Jamie’s church. Growth of the church has presented new challenges with their facilities. The church has outgrown the capacity of their septic/sewage system and needed to install lines to the street connection of the municipal system. The work was hard (digging ditches by hand) but, the fellowship was excellent as we labored “as unto the Lord”. It’s a blessing to know we’re involved in a ministry that’s dedicated to changing lives. Our bodies may be sore Tuesday morning, but we look ahead with excitement in our hearts to see how God is going to continue to use this team. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Schools and Construction Monday in Guatemala