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Guatemala Mission 2018

In just a few weeks you, Ivy Creek Baptist Church, will be sending a team of 16 people to Guatemala. The team will be serving in Guatemala City, Guatemala Zone 21 and a village in the mountains, Patzun, Chimeltenago, Guatemala.

Zone 21 is a high crime, gang ruled area of Guatemala City where alcohol use is high with the men. While we are there we will have the chance to impact close to 800 children with the Gospel of our Lord Christ Jesus. Mision Elim Bautista, Pastor Jaime Perez Aguilar and Pastor Jorge Perez Aguilar have been able to go into the public schools that serve Zone 21 and teach the children about Christ. We will have access to these children by visiting the public schools and sharing our stories of Christ impact on our lives. Please pray for the hearts of the children and the teachers to be open to the Gospel. While in Zone 21 we will also have the opportunity to participate in the church service on Sunday July 8th. Pastor Dave will preach on evangelism. After the service we will visit members of Mision Elim Bautista in their homes. Our hope is to provide encouragement as they fight poverty, gangs, and many other situations satan presents to discourage them from serving our Lord Jesus.

Patzun is an agricultural community near Lake Atitlan. The family unit is failing here. The men are absent from the home because many are alcoholics. This leaves the women to raise the children and maintain the household alone. Pastors Jaime and Jorge have started a church here. Like Zone 21 we will be visiting the school (300 children), making house visits and attending a church service where Pastor Craig will preach. Here we will have VBS for around 80 children.

We would like to thank you for your support as we prepare for the trip. Our hope is to honor and glorify God in all we do. Pray for God to use us to impact the people of Guatemala for His kingdom.

Your Guatemala Mission Team:

Craig Dale, Anita Hughes, Jerry Hughes, Emma Mainer, Kim Mainer, Lily Mainer, Stephen Mainer, Diane Maltos, Sarah Maltos, Bill McCann, Pat McCann, Jaelene Moriera, Alex Shiver, Mary Oliver, Tim Oliver, and Dave Wiley.

Guatemala Mission 2018