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Last Day in zone 21/First day in patzun

Today we traveled from Guatemala City to Patzun, a rural town in the mountains. With the high altitude came some fun suprises, such as hand sanitizer bottles exploding and soup sticking to our lips.

We visited a school in Guatemala City before the two hour ride to Patzun, Jeanine told the kids stories, Pat did a demonstration showing how God cleans us of our sin and  Olivia and Pam (a translator) sang Jesus Loves Me. Every single child was attentive and excited to learn about the Bible which encouraged every one of us. We also had the opportunity to pray with Pastor Jaime and the school principal Jose Luis. Recently 2 children of the school were killed in gang related activity. Pastor Jaime gave the principal Bibles to share with students and teachers who need encouragement and support. Jose Luis shared with us the positive impact that Pastor Jaime has had on the students and their families and feels like he is part of the school staff.

Some of the men completed construction while this was happening, and now Mission Elim Bautista Church will be connected to the sewer line!

Upon arriving in Patzun, we noticed a shift in culture. The roads were smaller yet less crowded, the women were dressed in traditional Mayan clothing, and the air was fresh and clear.

We arrived to the hotel and after settling in we had our daily devotion and then a delicious dinner prepared by Pastor Jorge’s family: green pumpkin soup, grilled chicken and potatoes. So much better than Burger King! Tomorrow we look forward to visiting a new school in Patzun, house visits, VBS and then playing futbol with the church community. Keep us in your prayers, we really appreciate all your support!


Last Day in zone 21/First day in patzun